World Peace Meditation

Vrijdag 11 mei

Judith K. Moore is van 12 maart tot 8 juni weer in België en Nederland.
Ze komt vrijdag 11 mei weer naar Zeeland en logeert dan in de Knoert op De Kunstwei
Je kunt daar ook kamperen, mail voor info daarover naar:

Vrijdag avond 11 mei 19.00u World Peace Meditation and Channeling of the Great Wisdom We will gather in a circle of love and connect our heart frequencies to the
Heart of Universal Oneness. We will tap into the sacred divine power of the earth, and the sacred energetics of the location with an intention of peace. Humanity now enters a time when peace is possible. Even though the chaos is extreme we are able to enter a space of love and oneness to bring peace to our hearts and to the world. Our planet is being illuminated with the sacred vibration of love which is the source of all Oneness.The Universe and the Cosmos are pouring forth high energy frequencies that we are able to open to, receive and integrate into our consciousness. We are changing on an energetic and physical level as these forces come in waves awakening us to a higher state of consciousness. We are part of a collective soul group called the Awakeners. The Hopi Native American Prophecy states, “We are the Ones we have waited for. “ Now is the time when we are called to enter a new level of service as light workers and as humans. We will open to receive the gift of Peace and send it forth into the world. We have long awaited this time of the coming of the Great Light on Earth.

Now is the time of all times and we hear and answer the sacred calling

  • Vrijdag 11 mei Peace Meditation: om 19.00 uur € 20,00
  • Zaterdag 12 mei: readings/sessions (45 min.) met Judith. € 60,00
  • Zondag 13 mei: Sacred Site and Elemental activations (Judith)

Bij voldoende belangstelling is ook nog gelegenheid voorreadings/sessions. Voor aanmelding en info Jenny Menheere:

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