Fire Dance

Juli 2021

This Fire Dance will complete the  cycle of the Fire Dance in the Netherlands.
The Fires as well as the Anchestors are happy for the Fire Dance to take place at the Beautifull & Magical Grounds of De Kunstwei, The ArtMeadow in English.

This is going to be yet a again a very powerfull FireDance where the Dancers will be dancing in a Arbor that is created by 16 old Life Tall Trees!
I promise you that when Spirit asked for the Fire Dance to take place near the North Sea in the Netherlands and I arrived on the grounds of De Kunstwei and met the Beautifull Caretakers of the land, feeling very welcomed by the Anchestors of the land and standing in the middle of the Arbor, between the 16 Beautifull Standing Ones, Trees, Anchestors, I was blown away…
Blown away, in the sense of this experience was so profound. The Trees were so happy to hold space for the Five Fires, the Dancers & Crew, the Anchestors of those who will be comming & the Spirits connected to the Dance, it moved all who were there deeply, tears, and big smiles & big healing energy moveing through us!

So you can imagine how happy we all are that the Fire Dance has landed at De Kunstwei & so are the beautiful Caretakers of the Land.
We’ll share more in the future, but if you have any questions please feel free to connect by messenger or email, with me and our team. Annemiek Van Grinsven , Joke Brauns, Willy Boomsma.

Hope you’ll join us, last week of july , if you feel called!
Sending you and all you hold dear, lots of Love & Blessings!

Bregje Blokx

Strong Heart Medicine Bear 🌈💗🌈
Fire Dance Chief The Netherlands


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